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9/10/2019 Member News
NWACC Enrollment Increases to 8,649

NorthWest Arkansas Community College enrolled 8,649 students for the fall 2019 semester, an increase of 4.1% from the fall 2018 unofficial figure of 8,308, NWACC officials announced today in releasing preliminary, unofficial census numbers. 

This increase includes a bump of 203 in the number of new freshmen and an increase in distance learning enrollment of 315 students. In fall 2018, the college had 1,602 new freshmen and in fall 2019 that number stood at 1,805. 

Last fall, 3,777 students were enrolled in a distance learning course; this fall, enrollment in distance learning courses was 4,092. 

The 8,649 figure is still a preliminary number. The official 11th-day enrollment number provided to the state Department of Higher Education in mid-October will be somewhat lower because that official figure will not include students who may be auditing a course or who are enrolled in “late start” classes that begin after the traditional 16-week term kicks off.

Said Vice President of Student Services Dr. Todd Kitchen: “I’m extremely pleased to see how the hard work of our team has allowed us to grow our enrollment. In just under two years, our Executive Director of Enrollment Management, Justin White, and his team have helped us implement a few changes that have yielded great results. Our college leadership provides great resources, public relations and marketing support that allows us to effectively tell our story around the region. We are also extremely grateful for a college community that continues to serve and support our recruiting and retention efforts. I think it is important to emphasize the positive numbers are the result of lots of teamwork from our faculty and staff at both our Benton County and Washington County locations.”

In addition to credit enrollment, the college also serves approximately 4,000 additional learners through workforce development, adult education and other non-credit programs.