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8/20/2019 Chamber News
Chamber Executive Selected by Association of Chamber of Commerce Executives for Education Fellowship

Steve Cox, Senior Vice President of Economic Development for the Rogers-Lowell Area Chamber of Commerce, has been selected by the Association of Chamber of Commerce Executives (ACCE) to participate in a ten-month professional development program designed to assist them in improving education and talent development outcomes in their communities.

The Fellowship for Education & Talent Development is an immersive executive development program that provides chamber of commerce professionals the ability to interact with peers, ACCE staff and national experts. Through a combination of in-person and virtual activities, fellows will be given a deep dive into the cutting-edge theories, approaches and best practices in talent development.

“To prepare young people for a successful future, education must be a priority from early childhood until well after graduation, and community leaders must work together to address challenges along the educational and talent pipeline,” said Raymond Burns, the Chamber’s President/CEO. “Communities that work hard to develop that pipeline produce a ready-to-work and competitive labor force positioned to take advantage of economic advancement opportunities that emerge. Steve is providing the leadership to help us accomplish that mission. ACCE’s fellowship is providing access to expertise, ideas and framework that will evolve our efforts and ensure our success. Throughout the program, participants will focus on addressing specific education attainment or workforce development issues in their communities.”