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6/24/2019 Member News
Sarinette Caraballo of ASK Leadership Team Publishes First Book, God in Social Media

Under the ASK Leadership Team label, Sarinette Caraballo Pacheco, businesswoman, speaker, coach, and certified teacher of the John Maxwell Team™, has published her first book called "God in Social Media" (Dios en las Redes Sociales in Spanish), a revolutionary and challenging work, which invites its hispanic readers to action.

#IAmTheEvidence is the hashtag with which Puerto Rican author Sarinette Caraballo has decided to frame her first book "God in Social Media", where in a simple and practical way, she tells the story of how God found her through social media, how the Fruit of the Holy Spirit is perfected through different situations of life, and how it is possible to contribute to the salvation of souls, by using social media correctly and intentionally.

In this book, the reader finds a variety of content, including theological teachings, testimonies of God’s miracles, very intimate parts of the author's life story, and even answers to common questions that arise when accepting Jesus as Savior.

Furthermore, based on real statistics that show how the abysmal increase of Internet access is accelerating the Great Commission; the book leads the reader to ask themselves questions that every "digital Christian" must face in the face of this unstoppable growth; ending each chapter or "evidence" as she calls it, with a simple self-assessment questionnaire, which turns God in Social Media, into more than a book but a practical manual.

With endorsements from influential people such as author and lecturer, José Luis Navajo and the Director of the International Ministerial Seminar and Pastor, Dr. Juan González Ferrer; God in Social Media, helps the reader to analyze his life in the light of the Word of God and to see Jesus in a correct way. It is easy to read, fresh and contains biblical truths that not everyone dares to talk about.

The book also supports a social outreach cause. A portion of the sales of this publication will be donated to the Boys & Girls Clubs of Puerto Rico, with the aim of supporting efforts that reduce poverty through educational programs of social and economic development, for the benefit of thousands of children and youth living on the island.