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5/23/2019 Member News
Corps of Engineers Cautions Lake Users at Beaver Lake While Water Levels are High

The Army Corps of Engineers is urging all visitors to Beaver Lake to exercise caution while water levels are high. Campers, swimmers, and boaters visiting park areas should be aware that certain amenities may be closed to the public for their protection.

Boaters should be aware that with the higher water conditions, objects normally out of the water are now submerged and difficult to see.

When boating near the shore and in coves, go slow and be extra cautious to avoid underwater obstacles such as sign posts, picnic tables, trees, stumps and other obstructions that are normally on dry ground. Be sure to have an observer in your boat when possible, slow down, and always wear your life jacket. Use extreme caution when boating at night, as obstructions such as floating debris are even more difficult to see at night.

Although sometimes an inconvenience, the Corps reminds everyone that the current high lake level is normal, Beaver Lake is one of the six Corps lakes in the White River basin that helps reduce downstream flooding. The dams are doing just what they were designed to do.

Several campsites have temporarily been closed because of the high lake levels. However, most parks have available campsites for use.

All day use areas are currently open for public use, with the exception of the swimming beach at the Horseshoe Bend Day Use Area. However, a few picnic sites at various day use areas around the lake are currently inundated by water.

Despite the higher water levels, the Corps' Beaver Lake Project Office personnel remind visitors that all campgrounds and most day-use areas are open for business. Call the Beaver Project Office at 479-636-1210 for updates on available recreation areas.