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4/4/2019 Member News
Northwest Arkansas Business Excellence Expert Asked to Keynote at 50th Anniversary Conference of the Philippine Society for Quality in Manila

Dr. Charlie Barton, President of Barton Consulting, has been asked to present a keynote session at the Philippine Society for Quality about how people’s stories drive change in organizations. The Forum’s theme is Celebrating 50 Years of Excellence and Leading Innovation to the Future. Dr. Barton’s work on the role of people and their stories in transforming organizations showcases best practices for organizations operating in today’s competitive business environment.

“I am honored by this invitation,” said Dr. Barton. “Stories evoke emotion. Our stories comfort us, drive us, and provide justification for our choices.”

Businesses face unprecedented pressures to deliver goods and services to their customers. In a global world, a less expensive option is a mouse-click away. Business excellence processes increase profitability by reducing waste, such as wasted time, wasted material, and wasted opportunities. 

“It will be a privilege for the PSQ members to learn from Dr. Barton," said Dr. Zandra N. Maningas, Vice President of Philippine Society for Quality, Inc. "We believe that she can help educate and inspire all participants in their journey to quality transformation.”

To learn more about Dr. Charlie or to find out how she can work with you to design a customized business success program, visit  

About Barton Consulting, LLC
Barton Consulting, LLC was founded in 2017 by Dr. Charlie Barton to serve businesses who want practical jargon-free guidance to building an excellent business, one small change at a time. While based in Northwest Arkansas, Dr. Barton is a world-recognized expert in her field. She spoke at the 2018 American Society for Quality World Conference on Quality and Improvement about how people’s stories foreshadow organizational change outcomes.
Business success - Small changes lead to big improvements, one step at a time.