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3/20/2019 Member News
Braum’s Releases Six New Flavors and Four New Sundaes for Spring and Summer

Braum's is serving up six new flavors and four new sundaes you can’t resist. 

The new ice cream flavors include Cookie Monster, Oatmeal Cookie, PB & J, Strawberry Blondie, Spicy Mango Raspberry Fiesta Sherbet and Deep Raspberry Ganache. 

The new cake flavored Cookie Monster ice cream is loaded with chocolate chip cookie dough AND chocolate cookies. Talk about cookie overload. This is also available as a sundae—it has vanilla Bundt cakes topped with the Cookie Monster ice cream, hot fudge, whipped cream, a cherry and sprinkles.

The Oatmeal Cookie has hints of brown sugar, granola and almond brittle. It adds just enough sweet edge to grandma’s home baked cookie flavor. This also comes as a sundae. It has vanilla Bundt cakes, Oatmeal Cookie ice cream, hot caramel, whipped cream, a cherry and pecans.

Braum’s PB & J is a frozen take on a favorite snack among youngsters. Sweet Concord grape jelly, the creamy peanut butter taste and flakes of butter crackers come together in this flavor to take you back in time to your younger years.

If strawberry is your favorite, Braum’s Strawberry Blondie is the ice cream for you. It adds sweet caramel ribbon, chunks of strawberries and blonde brownie bites to the classic strawberry flavor. You can get this as a sundae, too. They use freshly baked strawberry Bundt cakes, top it with Strawberry Blondie ice cream, strawberry topping, whipped cream, a cherry and sprinkles.

Want to add a little spice? Try the Spicy Mango Raspberry Fiesta Sherbet. It offers the perfect blend of sweet and spicy. 
The Deep Raspberry Ganache ice cream is every chocolate lover’s dream. It combines chocolate, fudge and raspberry for an ice cream that is rich and delightful. Add even more chocolate to this selection by getting it as a sundae. It is made using chocolate Bundt cakes, Deep Raspberry Ganache ice cream, hot fudge, whipped cream, a cherry and almonds.

These sweet temptations are available for a limited time, only your neighborhood Braum’s.