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12/3/2018 Member News
Four Reasons Why Arkansas Companies Should Consider Doing Business with Rwanda

Rwanda will be one of the most anticipated destinations on World Trade Center Arkansas's East Africa Trade Mission in January 2019.


Because Rwanda and Arkansas have deeper ties than most people are aware of. Did you know that President Paul Kagame took the advice and counsel of Arkansas business leaders to create some of the most radical business reforms in East Africa? 
Here are some of the strongest reasons why Arkansas companies will find fantastic business and export opportunities in Rwanda: 

Reason No. 1: There is a strong Arkansas-Rwanda business framework already in place.
Rwanda and Arkansas have a strong framework for cooperation built by the successful endeavors of global business leaders from Arkansas. These endeavors include elevating coffee farmers out of poverty, creating sustainable agriculture practices to fight food crises and developing human capital to fight brain drain. Partnerships have been made and networks for cooperation established. WTC Arkansas can leverage those for Arkansas companies. 

Reason No. 2: Rwanda boasts a reformed business ecosystem. 

Taking the input of those same global business leaders, President Paul Kagame successfully created an environment in Rwanda that secured low corruption, ensured business friendly policies and established equal application of the rule of law. These reforms were radical for the region and ensured a successful environment to grow businesses and have led Reason No. 3 below. 

Reason No. 3: Rwanda's economy has grown on average by 6.3 percent annually for 16 years in a row. 

Leading sectors include energy, hospitality & tourism, trade, agriculture and financial services. The country ranks 59th on the World Bank's Ease of Doing Business Index and its reliance on foreign aid in the national budget decreased by more than 50 percent. All of these big picture signs underscore that Rwanda is more than just a new emerging market, but one that is now well established with hungry consumers in a growing middle class. 

Reason No. 4: Lots of export opportunities exist for Arkansas products & services.

Rwanda's biggest imports are some of Arkansas's biggest exports. Top imports include aircraft and aerospace parts, transportation equipment and vehicles, mechanical and electrical machinery, telecommunications equipment and medical equipment. If you're a company in one of these sectors, WTC Arkansas would love to have you join on their trade mission for business-to-business meetings with potential buyers. 

The East Africa Trade Mission 2019 is the perfect opportunity for Arkansas businesses to take advantage of the growing opportunities in this dynamic region. Upon registration, the World Trade Center Arkansas team will research potential business opportunities and arrange B2B meetings for each participant in this mission.

If you and your company are interested, you can begin by completing the Interest Form or visit the trade mission web page for more details.