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10/23/2018 Member News
New Art Exhibition Opens at Walton Arts Center

Walton Arts Center is proud to host the newest visual arts exhibition, Of Legends and Lore, in the Joy Pratt Markham Gallery October 23-January 12, 2019.

Curated by Cynthia Nourse Thompson, works included in Of Legends and Lore explore familiar folklore, traditional stories and myths, serving as interpretations, examinations and versions of these tales. The contemporary artists presented in this exhibition contemplate and examine the psychological, ethical and social implications embodied in storytelling through the lens of feminism, mythology, social history and literature. Moreover, reinventions of these narratives subvert ethical norms and behavior, exemplifying the tangible complications and difficulties of our world that is constantly in flux.

The featured artists for the installation include Kiki Smith, Amy Cutler, Beth Cavener Stichter, Julie Buffalohead, Anne Siems and Jonathan Thomas. Many of the artists have works featured in prestigious galleries including the Museum of Modern Art, Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum and Smithsonian American Art Museum.

The Joy Pratt Markham Gallery presents exhibitions of works by both emerging and internationally recognized artists. The gallery is open Monday through Friday from noon until 2 p.m. and one hour prior to most performances. Private gallery tours may be scheduled in advance by calling 479.571.2766. Arrange your tour at your earliest convenience. It is requested to give three business days’ notice to schedule tour guides.